A New Wave of Skin Care, Phytomer Pioneers in Marine Biotechnology


With over 40 years of spa industry experience in France and more than 25 in the U.S., Phytomer is a high-end marine brand that has not only grown with the spa industry, but has played a key role in shaping it. After leading the way in creating trend setting skin care in 80 countries worldwide, Phytomer has taken the next step to pioneer in the field of marine biotechnology as a resource for cosmetic ingredients. It’s widely known that biotechnology is the future of results oriented cosmetics to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients.

Marine biotechnology is the technique of using marine micro-organisms to produce or transform an active ingredient without the addition of chemicals, solvents or artificial products. This is the chemistry of the future – a non-polluting, eco-friendly method that guarantees maximum respect for the environment and yields completely natural products with no synthetic equivalent.

Phytomer is already on the frontlines of research and development – in 2011, Phytomer acquired 50% of shares of a biotech company and dedicated a new lab in Roz-Sur-Couesnon specifically to biotechnolgy and extraction. The lab remains at the cutting edge of biotechnological innovation, producing the sophisiticated marine “actives” that deliver the proven and visible results demanded by today’s skin care market. Even more, this method ensures the protection of species and the environment from which they come.

“The reason that creating cosmetic ingredients through marine biotechnology is so sustainable is because it reduces the necessity to harvest raw marine materials from the wild, thus protecting the fragile ecosystem,” explains Angela Eriksen-Stanley, Director of Education at Phytomer USA. “To make ingredients through biotechnology, we need just a single collection of micro-algae from the environment. The micro-algae is cultivated to obtain a higher quantity of algae, then special equipment is used to allow the micro-algae to produce molecules, which can later be used as cosmetic ingredients. The more ingredients that we use that are produced through biotechnology, the less we need to harvest marine resources from the ocean,” she continues.

Biotechnology is not only sustainable, but also allows for the creation of natural marine actives without compromising quality or effectiveness. Because raw materials are harvested from protected areas and every step of the manufacturing process is rigorously controlled, Phytomer active ingredients are completely traceable and guaranteed to be of superior purity and efficacy.

One exciting bio-technological innovation is the discovery and application of EPS – Exo-poly-saccharides, natural sugars produced by algaes that help them cling to rocks and other marine structures. Each micro-organism produces a unique sugar impossible to create via traditional chemistry. EPS molecules are duplicated by a unique method known as “bio-process,” a highly-controlled fermentation process that yields high quantities of EPS of the highest purity.

Phytomer’s premier PIONNIÈRE XMF Anti-Aging Collection is formulated around this innovation. XMF stands for “Extra Marine Filler”- a 100% natural marine sugar with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties. The PIONNIÈRE XMF Collection includes 3 outstanding products: PIONNIÈRE XMF Perfection Youth Cream, PIONNIÈRE XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum and PIONNIÈRE XMF Reset Eye Fluid. Select Phytomer spas offer the PIONNIÈRE XMF Youth Revealing Facial, a 90-minute treatment combining expert marine biotechnology formulations with specialized tools and massage maneuvers created by a renowned French osteopath for truly impressive results.

As remarkable as they are, these biotechnological innovations are only a beginning. Marine biotechnology opens the door to the discovery and development of unprecedented marine ingredients with infinite skin care applications. With a private library of over 800 algae species, Phytomer is a model for the industry in this promising field. Given its 40-plus years of industry experience, an exclusive team of more than 20 scientists and its unique home at the heart of the marine world, Phytomer will continue to play a leading role in the evolution of the global skin care industry.

Phytomer at a glance:

Welcome to the world of Phytomer. We are a prestigious marine cosmetic brand of world renown, based in Saint Malo, France and distributed throughout the world. With Phytomer, meaning “plant of the sea,” we utilize seawater, seaweed or seaside plants in every retail and professional product. Phytomer combines science with the natural powers of the sea to create the most comprehensive, results-oriented collection of marine-based skin care products available in today’s market. With an aggressive laboratory, over 50 patented ingredients in France, research grants and unique high yielding extraction techniques, our facial and body care products provide superior results and quality.


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