BatteryPlex Offers Discounts to Hobbyist Groups and Associations

Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) May 03, 2015

BatteryPlex Offers Discounts to Hobbyist Groups and Associations

BatteryPlex, an online source for batteries and chargers, announces its volume discount buying program for certain groups and associations. BatteryPlex is in the business of providing power source products and solutions. They have been around for over a decade, and have been able to provide batteries for nearly every device and piece of equipment requiring a battery operated source of power. This program will allow these groups to purchase needed batteries as a benefit to their memberships.

BatteryPlex makes available various types of battery and other power supplies used in computers, cell phones, transportation vehicles and many other products. The company has established the hobbyist group and association’s benefit as an additional distribution channel for its online offerings.

Hobbyist Groups and Associations to Benefit from Discount Program

BatteryPlex discount program benefits certain groups and organizations, such as colleges and universities, government, IT associations and automotive hobby groups. This program is designed to meet the important battery needs of these groups.

The volume purchasing tendencies of these organizations warrant the necessity of this type of program, and provides a viable link between BatteryPlex and end users most likely to fully utilize this benefit. Auto and motorcycle enthusiast clubs can use the program as a membership benefit. Certain other organizations such as colleges and university fleet vehicle services and computer and electronics purchasing programs can take advantage of this offering being announced by BatteryPlex in order to save on their bulk purchasing costs.

What BatteryPlex Has to Offer to Groups and Associations

BatteryPlex offerings to groups and associations under its discount purchasing program includes not only standard cell, alkaline and NiCad batteries for vehicles, devices and equipment but also chargers, battery testers and accessories appropriate for different types of buying groups. BatteryPlex also has specialty batteries available to their customers, such as dry, gel, AGM, and sealed batteries that are specific to the needs of the different organizations, groups and associations qualified for discount purchases. The company, according to its website, is a wholesaler, distributor and retailer of batteries and chargers.

About BatteryPlex

BatteryPlex has been in the business of providing batteries, battery chargers and power inverters to customers since 2006. The mission of the company is to build and establish long-term relationships with its customers. The company is based in Coral Springs, Florida and offers its products through online sales and a network of battery specialists available to provide guidance and assistance to BatteryPlex customers.

Additional information concerning the discount purchasing program for qualified groups and organizations can be obtained directly from BatteryPlex. The company can be reached by telephone at (954) 247-8798 or via the internet through the company’s website at or sales(at)batteryplex(dot)com.

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