CE-Classes.com Provides Online Course for Healthcare Providers

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

CE-Classes.com is now providing an online course, that will assist healthcare and substance abuse agencies to handle aggressive clients in a humane and dignified manner. The online course will also help agencies in the process to pass accreditation audits from OSHA JCAHO and CARF, or state licensing agencies and is designed for healthcare providers who work in hospitals, psychiatric units and substance abuse facilities.

“We are happy to provide this course,” said Ron Black, president of CE-Classes.com. “This course enhances our comprehensive system and will help healthcare agencies to meet accreditation standards, allowing them to focus on their mission: helping people get healthy.”

The new course, Aggression Control: Recognition, Proactive Approaches and Diffusion, was created to help health care agencies control aggression in clients. The course defines aggression and details the various types of aggression. Facts about workplace violence are discussed including the types, incidence and consequences of workplace violence. The course then goes on to discuss both warning signs and common triggers for aggressive behavior.

Prevention strategies are reviewed as well as strategies for diffusion of aggressive situations as they are occurring including what to do when responding to an aggressive or violent client. The course ends with what to do after an incident of aggression or violence has occurred, including instructions for documentation.

About CE-Classes.com

CE-Classes.com is committed to helping individuals earn continuing education credits in the most efficient, easiest and most cost-effective way possible. For over 15 years, CE-Classes has provided online courses, live seminars and webinars that are approved for various health care professionals for continuing education credits by a number of state and national boards and also serves a wide range of licensed professionals such as mental health counselors, therapists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. Individuals are given the option to choose between purchasing one or two courses or the Unlimited Online Courses Package for a year.

Ce-classes.com helps companies and agencies that provide mental health and/or substance abuse services meet their accreditation and state licensing criteria. It accomplishes this task by providing employees with the training required by OSHA, CARF, JCAHO and State Licensing Boards. Administrators can monitor employee compliance with mandatory training with a few clicks of the mouse. Specialized courses can be based on the policies and procedures of their company. Through these courses and trainings, employees can undergo complete training that will improve their job-specific competencies. Moreover, the company has also developed a resource that can help agencies track staff development thereby ensuring compliance for their upcoming audits.

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