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PTCA balloon, as a indispensable medical device in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), serves not only as a delivery system for stent, but also as a device for pre-/post-stent dilatations. Therefore, the development of PTCA balloon industry is closely related to that of PCI.

As national economy develops and people’s living standard improves, the number of patients receiving PCI has been on the rise year by year, and totaled 454,505 cases in China in 2013, up 16.9% from a year earlier. Demand for PTCA balloon during the same period reached 1.186 million sets, rising by 13.8% on a year-on-year basis.

Despite year-on-year growth in the number of PCI cases in China, the penetration is still very low. In 2013, 309.42 per 1 million were people receiving PCI treatment in China, compared with 1800 cases in the United States, showing a vast space for development of the Chinese PCI market and a bright future for PTCA balloon industry. It is expected that China’s demand for PTCA balloon will hit 1.824 million sets by 2016.

At present, the Chinese PTCA balloon market is still dominated by foreign companies, such as Medtronic, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Goodman, Terumo, etc. However, local Chinese PTCA balloon companies are improving their competitiveness, with overall market share rising to about 40% in 2013 as opposed to 20% in 2009.

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Local Chinese PTCA balloon companies include Lepu Medical, MicroPort, JW Medical, Yinyi, Neich Medical (Shenzhen), Synexmed, Sino Medical and Demax Medical, of which Lepu Medical, MicroPort, Neich Medical (Shenzhen) and Sino Medical manufacture both PTCA balloon catheter for delivering coronary stent and PTCA balloon, JW Medical manufactures only PTCA balloon for delivering coronary stent, and Demax Medical produces only PTCA balloon.

MicroPort is a bellwether in the Chinese coronary stent system market. On Jan. 20, 2014, MicroPort announced that it would acquire drug-eluting stent-related assets of Cordis under Johnson & Johnson. After the acquisition is completed, MicroPort’s share in drug-eluting stent market will rise by over 10%. This will also promote company’s business development of PTCA balloon for delivering coronary stent. MicroPort now can manufacture more than 200,000 sets of PTCA balloon annually.

Lepu Medical is a leading player in China PTCA balloon industry. The company now has PTCA balloon dilatation catheter capacity of 100,000 sets and coronary stent delivery system capacity of 170,000 sets.

China PTCA Balloon Catheter Market Investment Report, 2014-2016 focuses on the following:

Operating environment of the Chinese PTCA balloon market, including macro environment, policy climate, medical & health care level and status quo of China medical device industry.
Overview of the Chinese PTCA balloon market, covering status quo, development bottlenecks, supply & demand, competitive landscape and development outlook and forecast.
Investment in the Chinese PTCA balloon market, including favorable and unfavorable factors, economic benefit and site selection of plants.
Operation and PTCA balloon business of 5 foreign and 9 Chinese PTCA balloon companies.

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Few Points from Table of Contents

5. Major Chinese Companies

5.1 Lepu Medical

5.2 MicroPort

5.3 JW Medical

5.4 Dalian Yinyi

5.5 Neich Medical (Shenzhen)

5.6 SCW Medicath

5.7 Synexmed

5.8 Sino Medical

5.9 Demax Medical (Beijing)

6. Major Foreign Companies

6.1 Medtronic

6.2 Boston Scientific

6.3 Abbott

6.4 Terumo

6.5 B. Braun Melsungen

List of Charts

Main Devices Used for PCI

OTW Balloon Catheter Diagram

Monorail/Rapid Exchange Balloon Catheter Diagram

Classification of Interventional Medical Device

China’s GDP and YoY Growth Rate, 1985-2013

Health Costs and % of GDP in China, 1980-2013

Per Capita Health Costs and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2006-2013E

Number of People 65 and Over and % of Total Population in China, 2004-2013

Laws and Regulations about Medical Device Industry in China

Industry Policies Concerning PTCA Balloon Industry

Number of Medical Institutions and Sickbeds in China, 2012-2013

Medical Service Quantity of Health Care Facilities in China, 2012-2013

Usage of Sickbeds in China’s Medical Institutions, 2012-2013

Total Industrial Output Value and YoY Growth Rate of China Medical Device Industry, 2005-2013E

Sales and YoY Growth Rate of China Medical Device Industry, 2005-2013E

Market Share of Home-made Coronary Drug-eluting Stent System in China, 2009-2013

Number of PCI Cases and Growth Rate in China, 2011-2013

Coronary Stent Implantation and Usage Percentage of Drug-eluting Stent in China, 2011-2013

China’s Demand for PTCA Balloon, 2011-2013

Major Coronary Stent System Brands and Their Market Shares in China (by Consumption), 2013

Market Share Comparison between Home-made and Imported PTCA Balloon, 2013

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