Continuous Web Security Testing Service VAddy Announces Premium Plans

Comparison of VAddy Plans

Bitforest Co., Ltd. announced that in September it will release premium plans with more advanced functionality for its continuous web security testing service, VAddy ( The premium plans add support for teams, longer scan histories, and a wider range of vulnerabilities. Customers can sign up for a free trial of the “Standard” premium plan by running a scan and responding to a survey during the month of August.

VAddy is a cloud-based service that connects with continuous integration (CI) tools to implement continuous security tests for web applications from the start of their development cycles. Since the release of VAddy’s Japanese beta in October 2014 and its English beta in April 2015, the service has already been used by hundreds of developers both in Japan and abroad. VAddy’s premium plans will allow teams of developers to use the service together and thus run security tests on large-scale web applications. VAddy’s current beta users can continue to use the free plan uninterrupted.

Bitforest also announced that it will offer a free trial period for its new premium plans. Every user who runs a scan with VAddy and completes a survey distributed during the month of August will be eligible to enroll in a free trial of VAddy’s “Standard” plan when it is launched. The free trial will end on November 30, when the user signs up for a premium plan, or when the user manually downgrades to the free plan, whichever comes first. Any user who does not sign up for a premium plan at the end of the trial period will be automatically downgraded to the free plan without any recurring charges. The trial will not include any optional add-on features, such as the ability to scan more than 3 domain names with a single account.

“We want VAddy to be the ‘obvious’ security testing solution for web application developers,” said Katsuya Nishino, Bitforest’s Public Relations Director for VAddy. “By growing VAddy’s userbase, we hope to establish a continuous security testing culture among web application developers, reduce the number of security incidents caused by vulnerable web applications, and ultimately make the web a safer place.”

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Bitforest Co., Ltd. is a purveyor of web application security technologies that has been designing, developing, running, and consulting on web sites and systems since February 2002. The company is currently led by Tokiichi Takao, its president and CEO. More information on the company can be found at its English website,, or its Japanese website,

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