EHO Announces New Partner in its Preferred PBM Vendor Program: A partnership to Deliver Lower Drug Costs and Industry Leading Expansive Platform of Online Tools

EHO today announced it will continue to build on its Preferred PBM Vendor Program by entering into a strategic PBM agreement with Goldstar Hospice Solutions.

This agreement makes Goldstar Hospice Solutions EHO’s 7th PBM client. Since 1996, EHO has been partnering with PBM clients to expand their reach in the hospice market. EHO sells direct to hospices and wholesales its industry leading technology and claims processing services to PBMs.

EHO’s goal is to give the hospice the tools to truly lower their drug cost. Whether its direct with EHO or through one of our Preferred PBM vendors like Goldstar Hospice Solutions, EHO provides the web based solutions that enables the hospice to reduce their drug spend.

About GoldStar Hospice Solutions

GoldStar Hospice Solutions is a privately owned, fully integrated mail order & compounding pharmacy with PBM services headquartered in College Station, TX with over 63,000 network pharmacies. Our industry-leading innovative technology solutions are designed to offer our Hospice Partners superior Operational Excellence, Improved Outcomes and Financial Leadership. Our dedicated focus in the Hospice industry makes us a premier partner for hospices organizations throughout the United States of America.

About EHO

Located in the Belton, Texas, EHO is a prescription claims processor that for over 22 years has focused on prescription claims processing and PBM management services for hospice groups, third party administrators, preferred provider organizations, pharmacy benefits management companies, employers, workers compensation programs.


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