Inventor of Self-Encrypting Drives Promises Consumer Action

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D., announced today that he would be devoting himself full-time to work at Bright Plaza, Inc.

Bright Plaza is among the early innovators of the Web, having developed dozens of successful consumer and small enterprise web services dating back to 1993. Dr. Thibadeau has been Chairman of the Board of Bright Plaza since its inception.

While Chief Technologist at Seagate Technology from 2002-09, Dr. Thibadeau invented the self-encrypting drive and led the revolution for self-protecting storage devices that are now available from every disk drive and major flash drive manufacturer to consumers and enterprises alike. “Even the iPhone and iPad contain hardware encryption for all user data. Preserving personal and corporate privacy through cloud management of encryption is my next major goal,” said Dr. Thibadeau. “With development underway since I left Seagate, Bright Plaza already has a mature SaaS technology for identity protection in user authentication that we will apply to encryption management in the next year.” On Sunday, January 3, Dr. Thibadeau is revealing this technology at Storage Visions 2015 in Las Vegas.

The new web service technology captures a revolutionary new means of managing user and enterprise secrets. There have been hundreds of major successful attacks on online passwords that this innovative Bright Plaza technology stops. Companies no longer have to fear sending out tens of millions of emails asking customers to change their passwords. The web service with WordPress and Drupal plugins for easy integration is at A video of the talk Dr. Thibadeau recently gave on the technology in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon is at Dr. Thibadeau has pledged now to show how this technology can apply in achieving the protection of personal and corporate information privacy on self-encrypting drives as well as the web.

Dr. Thibadeau’s decision to leave Wave was due in part to better control travel demands due to a severe injury in 2011. Bright Plaza is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA near Carnegie Mellon University where Dr. Thibadeau has taught Computer Security since 1996.


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