Jivox Partners with Merkley, TVGla in the Launch of a Growing Consortium to Deliver Best Practices Playbook for Data-Driven Dynamic Advertising

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 10, 2015

Data-driven dynamic ad platform leader Jivox today announced it has formed a consortium with Merkley + Partners and TVGla as founding members to produce a Best Practices Playbook for ideating and implementing data-driven dynamic advertising campaigns. The Consortium has been formed in response to the rapid emergence of Big Data as a strategic asset for digital advertising, as well as to help address the challenges of delivering personalized, relevant campaigns in a multiscreen environment.

“This initiative is particularly timely in light of the rapid shift we are witnessing among global advertisers to prioritize digital channels for branding and marketing,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “Big Data will fundamentally change the way creative and media agencies think about and execute multiscreen advertising campaigns, yet best practices are few and far between. I look forward to this consortium helping to close the knowledge gap.”

The Playbook will provide industry best practices in six key areas:

Data-Driven Creativity: Data-driven display ads require a new kind of creativity, as campaign designers select from the vast stores of demographic, environmental and social data that are now available. The Playbook will explore the creative process going forward and address questions of what data to use when and where, while possible permutations provide an endless palette of creative assets.

Building Scalable Campaigns: Beyond mechanically plugging content into pre-set templates, or relying solely on images and copy to capture attention, data-driven ads turn the ad format itself into a dynamic canvas. This approach presents enormous opportunity for design creativity, but also introduces new challenges for efficiently managing and deploying large volumes of creative assets. The consortium will examine the role of a Content Management System (CMS) as a dynamic repository of creative assets, and provide guidelines for campaign set-up to ensure assets render correctly regardless of device and are delivered to the targeted consumer.

Access to Data: Data-driven ads tap into vast storehouses of fine-grain data organized into sophisticated taxonomies that target every imaginable demographic profile, while at the same time pulling information from the consumer’s device to determine the optimal rendering of an ad. The Best Practices Playbook will address standards for APIs across the data management space, with particular focus on openRTB and the ways digital advertising content and delivery pipelines can best interact in an increasingly programmatic environment.

Multiscreen Delivery: “K weight” limitations, and the reliance by traditional ad production and serving platforms on Adobe Flash which does not render on mobile devices, are rendering traditional ad servers obsolete for serving data-driven dynamic ads across all screens, while at the same time measurement in digital advertising undergoes a dramatic shift from served impressions to viewable impressions. The consortium’s Best Practices Playbook will discuss the central role of HTML5 in the larger context of viewability, in addition to offering an industry standard for designating HTML5 support and providing recommendations for designing and preparing fallbacks.

Rules-Based Decisioning: As data sources and event triggers proliferate, algorithmic-based rules operating within the ad server ensure that data signals are correctly interpreted and the optimal creative format and messaging for each consumer is correctly assembled and delivered. The Playbook will provide best practices for identifying data signals and event triggers relevant to the brand, and how to set up the decisioning and rules associated with ensuring advertisements are personalized with the right content and messaging to consumers.

Building the Technology Stack: As data-driven advertising increasingly reshapes the digital advertising landscape, a new technology stack is needed that can replace legacy products with the functionality for producing and delivering personalized, relevant and targeted digital ads at scale. The consortium will look at various approaches to building an effective technology stack for data-driven advertising, with particular focus on core functionality. The Playbook will remain product neutral.

“Data – rich in information and being one of the most highly valued commodities in our industry – affords us the ability to activate efficiently, accurately, and more intelligently than ever before,” said Vladimir Golinder, Director, Digital Operations + Technology, Merkley + Partners. “Being part of a very large interconnected ecosystem, data is thought of as a lifeline that can be used to influence and elevate every facet and pillar of our business. Merkley is pleased to be partnering with these leading companies to deliver actionable best practices around data-driven advertising, which we believe will help all of us understand and capitalize on big data for the purposes of providing holistic solutions while reaching a new level of creativity and performance at scale.”

“From our inception, TVGla has been about setting trends, not following them, and as a result the biggest names in entertainment trust us with their most creative campaigns,” said Dimitry Ioffe, CEO & Founder, TVGla. “We are excited to be at the forefront of data-driven dynamic advertising, a fundamentally new approach to display advertising that is already proving to deliver incredible levels of personalization and consumer engagement. We look forward to collaborating with our partners to establish best practices for the industry, and continuing to provide our customers with ad campaigns that define the bleeding edge of creativity.”

“All indications are that consumers are basically ignoring generic messaging and only showing interest in ads that are simultaneously relevant and timely,” said Rick Kleczkowski, Chief Operating Officer at Jivox. “This shift in consumer preference is at the heart of personalized advertising, and is the primary reason we and our Agency partners are determined to work with the IAB and define best practices for display advertising. What’s needed is a shift away from distributing generic messages as widely as possible in the hopes of attracting the right consumer and toward a new model that uses data to center the individual consumer’s preferences as the starting point for ad content and distribution.”

For more information on the consortium or to become a member please email Rick Kleczkowski rick(at)jivox(dot)com.

About Jivox

Jivox enables the world’s top advertisers and agencies to deliver personalized advertising across all screens. Our flagship product, Jivox IQ, is the leading data-driven dynamic ad platform. Its unique architecture enables customers to develop and serve data-driven dynamic ads in a wide variety of formats, including mobile, interactive, expanding, video, native and much more. Several hundred media companies and agencies today use Jivox for their most demanding creative campaigns, including College Humor, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Federated Media, Digitas, Havas, Hearst, A&E Networks, Martini Media, Merkley + Partners, Razorfish, TVGla, Universal McCann, Videology and Wieden+Kennedy. Stop by our Ad Gallery at http://www.jivox.com to see our ads at work.


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