Licensing Deal – As Global Warming Brews Weird Weather, World Patent Marketing China Signs A Licensing Agreement For The Snow Melter

Shanghai, China (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products, is pleased to announce that it has successfully negotiated a licensing deal for a Kansas inventor. The manufacturer is none other than World Patent Marketing China, World Patent Marketing’s manufacturing division. World Patent Marketing has exclusively licensed the Snow Melter for ten years and will distribute the product worldwide.

“This has been a very exciting month for World Patent Marketing.” said Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “Licensing the The Snow Melter will give us the opportunity to challenge the snow blower market and has the added benefit of not having to educate any consumers on its use.”

Thousands of snow shoveling injuries happen yearly, including upper and lower back, hip, ankle, wrist, and head injuries. Snow shoveling can result in broken bones, cuts, and heart attacks. Medical practitioners are also advising that people take caution when snow shoveling by using their legs to lift, lift half-shovelfuls of snow, and ask for help when needed.

“Each year, snow shoveling sends more than 11,000 people to the hospital,” says Cattya Bella, Director of Product Development for World Patent Marketing, “The United States is already experiencing more intense snowstorms. Any products associated with weather prevention are well positioned for steady growth. This product is a slam dunk!”

“Stacked up against other snow melting inventions, The Snow Melter is a game changer,” says Wayne G., inventor of The Snow Melter, “Now, there’s no need for labor intensive snow removal. This snow melting invention stands apart from the crowd because it can be moved from spot-to-spot. It’s portable and easy to use, a win-win for people everywhere who are tired of time consuming, injury-causing snow shoveling.”

The design is simple and sleek with a heating element, fan, and metal cone that can be used to melt fresh snow. The vertical frame includes hand controls at the handlebars, a straight shaft that leads to a battery or gasoline tank, heating coil, fan, and two wheels to make the unit effortless to move from place to place.

Snow shoveling has long been a traditionally accepted method of removing snow because other snow removal devices typically have a few faults: they can’t melt the snow fast enough and they can’t be transported.

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World Patent Marketing is a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products. The company offers manufacturing, distribution, patent prosecution, IP valuation, licensing, trading, investment and other services. The company offers these products to independent inventors, law firms and venture capital-backed companies. The company is well known for evaluating the commercial potential of utility and other patents in the United States and around the world. The company directly engages in the business of retail, distribution and the retail sale of products.

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