Love It Art Launches Its Online Gallery As An Alternative To Online Art Warehouses Like Amazon Art

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Love It Art, a curated online art gallery, has recently launched with a mission to deliver a gallery experience to the doorsteps of art lovers and to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for them to discover and collect contemporary art and design from emerging artists in Vancouver, BC and beyond.

“Love It” exemplifies the moment when an art lover likes what he/she sees visually. Love It Art gallery will have a year-round art calendar to facilitate these types of moments by showcasing a group of emerging talents in Vancouver, BC and from around the globe.

Love It Art is the brainchild of Mina Fung, a Chartered Accountant in Canada and a Certified Public Accountant in the US. After over ten years in the accounting and corporate finance world, this former financial and corporate controller found her calling in the art world in 2014. After many attempts to find artworks by visiting galleries and viewing online warehouse platforms for the last 10 years, she decided to combine her passion for art with her business background to launch Love It Art. Sensing what had been lacking in her searches, through Love It Art she strives instead to provide a personable and enjoyable experience for art lovers, and offer a non-crowded space for artists to showcase their work and to tell their stories.

“Art has been a passion since I was a kid.” Mina Fung says. “I have fun connecting with artists and learning about their creative processes. I want to bring the fun factor to the art lovers. When it comes to buying art, art lovers themselves are the experts on what they want. I just need to provide an environment for facilitating their discovery and selection process. With a diverse background, professionally and culturally, I can help source art to suit people’s taste, style and budget.”

The gallery has a roster of twelve artists including Vancouver-based artists Rebecca Chaperon, Sarah Gee Miller and Mira Song, as well as Seoul-based artist Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang. The gallery mainly shows original contemporary art and design that is visually stunning, vibrant and whimsical. To see the scale and impact of the artworks, art lovers can visit the gallery’s virtual 3D exhibition anywhere and at any time, from desktop computers or mobile devices.

The first virtual exhibition is called “Transcendence” and showcases the large-scale works of Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang. This solo exhibition is on view through May 19, 2015.

Art lovers and collectors interested in learning more about Love It Art and their artists can visit

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