ML Medical Billing Announces Concierge Medical Billing Service for Out of Network Providers

ML Medical Billing, a full service practice management and medical billing solutions firm, has added a concierge billing service to help clients and their patients with the billing and service fees associated with using an out of network provider, lab, or pharmacy.

“Choosing to go out of network can present an additional level of cost and administrative procedures to keep in mind, but many patients and healthcare service providers alike prefer the freedom and flexibility that going out of network can also provide,” said Adam Millstein, Vice President of ML Medical Billing. “We have added a new suite of services designed to take those considerations into account, and to do the work for our clients so that they can focus exclusively on providing quality patient care.”

Even for routine medical check ups and examinations with a medical service provider of a patient’s choosing, the billing procedure and allotment of payment responsibility can be complex. While a physician or specialist may be in network, the lab that processes a blood sample or examines an Xray or the pharmacy where a prescription is filled may not be, creating multiple levels of billing for one visit.

“Medical professionals are continually having to carve out more and more practice resources in order to meet all of the requirements involved with processing insurance company payments, and staying on top of ever-changing industry standards and regulations. It can be a drain on resources for the healthcare providers and very confusing for the patients, who may receive bills for services they believed to be covered under their particular plan,” added Mr. Millstein.

The new concierge billing service at ML Medical Billing was designed to simplify the process by designing transparent billing practices. Account executives work with practices to help introduce courtesy billing services to help patients manage the out of pocket costs associated with using out of network medical care.

ML Medical Billing is a family-owned, local company operating for 30 years and servicing more than 150 physicians nationally between branches in Illinois, Florida and California. The company’s services include Reports, Coding, Billing, Claims Follow-Up, Posting, Statements, Regulatory Requirements, Software training/ consulting, provider coding education, fee schedule modifications, industry awareness, ICD-10. PQRI/PQRS, Monthly Analysis Reports, Appeals, Start-Up Practice Guidance. To learn more about ML Medical Billing and their services, please call 877-789-3593 or visit


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