Mr. Ticket / Attorney Amir Soleimanian Offering 25% Discount on Legal Services for Traffic Tickets Issued on Mother’s Day Weekend

Encino, CA (PRWEB) May 08, 2015

Traffic Attorney Soleimanian / Mr. Ticket has announced a 25% discount to help California drivers who receive a traffic ticket over Mother’s Day weekend — May 8 through May 11 — get access to the legal services they need.

Amir Soleimanian, Owner and Founder, says the discount, which is valid for any type of traffic ticket, was created to help drivers who unintentionally make a mistake while celebrating this holiday.

“We know that a lot of people will be out celebrating Mother’s Day — people often go to brunches and drink champagne or other alcoholic beverages as early as the late morning to early afternoon, and people will be driving around all day,” he says. “Law enforcement officers are also looking for people to slip up and drive when they’re not supposed to, so we want to offer this special for anyone that gets a ticket during this time.”

Soleimanian says the most common types of traffic tickets seen throughout Mother’s Day are DUIs and DWIs, along with speeding tickets and stop sign/red light camera tickets.

“There will be a lot of DUI checkpoints — and a lot of cops out in general — looking for people driving while under the influence all day long, since people can start their celebrations early on a Sunday,” Soleimanian explains.

While Soleimanian doesn’t recommend driving under the influence, he says he understands that people make mistakes and shouldn’t have to face severe punishment for that.

“Our best advice to all drivers is to drive safe — don’t drink and drive,” he says. “If you are drinking, you shouldn’t be driving, so call a taxi instead. Unfortunately most people take their chances, and that’s where we come in to help.”

To be eligible for the Mother’s Day weekend discount, customers must seek legal services before May 31.

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