Narcan Revives Victims of Potentially Fatal Overdose, but Cannot Curb Addictive Behaviors; Harbor Village Detox Introduces Incentive Program for Substance Use Disorders

USA (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

The addiction treatment industry is holding Naloxone and Narcan in high regard, based upon its recent performance to resuscitate victims of opiate overdoses. Narcan is a drug which temporarily reverses the deadly effect of fatal overdoses. Addiction professionals are hopeful Narcan will give drug addicts a new perspective on life after revival- but most addiction specialists assert Narcan alone will be unable to reverse the physical and mental effects of addiction. “Narcan is a sign addiction treatment is necessary, but it is not addiction treatment itself,” states a medical associate of Harbor Village Detox. Harbor Village Detox, an inpatient medical detox center, is introducing incentive based programs for victims of drug overdoses.

Cohasset reported on April 2nd victims resuscitated by Narcan are largely unchanged once they’ve been revived. Further commenting on the crutch of Narcan, Cohasset states, “Fighting addiction with [Narcan] isn’t an answer to the problem, medical professionals agree. It’s a Band Aid.”

Harbor Village Detox, a national inpatient medical detox center, asserts victims of substance use disorders are capable of fully recovering from addiction with highly specialized treatment. The instrumental directors pioneering the Southern Florida addiction treatment industry, are introducing life incentive programs for recovering victims of drug overdoses. The facility asserts it is not enough to be saved from a fatal overdose, nor undergo the entirety of drug and alcohol treatment without a clear bearing of life after addiction- or Narcan. A medical associate states, “Narcan is saving lives- and that’s what we’re supposed to do- but this drug is not the end-all solution to addiction treatment. Although we can save lives from overdose, victims with untreated substance use disorders must go to addiction treatment if they want the disease of addiction to be redressed. In terms of treating addiction, Narcan does nothing but give victims another shot at life- and hopefully a wake-up call.”

The drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility encourages victims of overdose to enroll in their specialized inpatient medical detox program to safeguard their lives after treatment. The facility provides expert life coaching services in their incentive program, helping recovering patients to construct goals for the future to solidify their treatment therapy. Incentives include job placement, housing programs in sober living communities, educational scholarships, career training programs, and life coaching.

Harbor Village Detox is dedicated to providing the pinnacle of drug and alcohol treatment services on a national level. What started as a local detox facility has expanded to encompass the full spectrum of addiction treatment nationwide. Patients are guaranteed 24/7 continual medical and psychiatric health care in a close knit family environment. Recovering victims benefit from group and intensive therapy- which is not typically offered from other detox facilities.

For more information about the inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor VIllage Detox, visit or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.

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