New Governance Announced in iQuest Group

Cluj Napoca , Romania (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

iQuest Group announces that its Advisory Board is becoming a Supervisory Board with executive power. In this context, founder and CEO, Cornelius Brody is taking on a new role as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board entrusting Jürgen Samuel as the sole CEO, effective from 1 January 2015.

Octav Chicinas will also join the Supervisory Board, leaving his CTO responsibilities to the other members of the iQuest Group executive team.

“I’m confident that this new step in iQuest’s life perfectly suits our medium and long-term strategy. Having Jürgen take over the CEO role ensures leadership continuity and is a warrant for success in this new phase. I see in him leadership and professional qualities perfectly fitted to take iQuest to the next level, but most importantly I see in Jürgen a role model for the personal values shared within our team. As for me, this new role is a full-time job collaborating with Jürgen, his team and the other board members in order to make the best strategic decisions for iQuest”, says Cornelius Brody.

“I deeply enjoy the very high level of mutual trust between the Supervisory Board and the entire iQuest team.

Business-wise, we are complementing our successful Software Service Business with Integration Services (e.g. in the area of eCommerce) and our own Software Products. In this more complex business model, we strive internally for an even higher degree of collaboration and excellence in order to provide healthy growth for our clients, business partners and ourselves”, adds Jürgen Samuel.

This governance change strengthens and broadens the executive management power and strategic position in a complex business environment.

iQuest will continue to invest in developing our business globally by entering new geographical markets. We will also continue to focus on enriching our technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Our market focus is on growing the collaboration with our existing clients, expanding our Telecom & Transportation and Life Sciences industry sectors, and being successful with our own products such as Identity Management Solutions which are at the intersection between security, mobility, Internet of Things and Big Data.

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