New Stanford Study Could Lead To Blood Test That Predicts How Well A Patient Will Recover From Surgery

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Findings from a recent study out of Stanford University Medical School published in the September 24, 2014 issue of Science Translational Medicine have led researchers to believe that a cluster of immune cells may hold the key to predicting how well an individual patient may recover from surgery.

The study analyzed blood samples from patients aged 50 – 80 undergoing hip replacement surgery. The researchers found that the behavior of a small cluster of immune cells in the first 24 hours after surgery could help surgeons predict surgical recovery outcomes for patients down the line.

“The implications of this study could be a game changer for surgical patients,” said Isabella Koretz, Founder and President of Pearl Recovery Retreat in Beverly Hills. “The recovery process can be difficult to navigate, and having insight into how long it might take or how well a patient will respond to a procedure can really help us to find more effective ways to serve our patients in recovery.”

The study was co-authored by Gary Nolan, PhD, and Martin Angst, MD. With the use of cell cytometry instruments, they were able to monitor the behavior of the immune cells in question, which lead to the discovery that the cells could help determine how well the patient would respond to and recover from surgical trauma. The implications for a potential blood test to predict surgical recovery rates in the future are so significant that Stanford University has obtained a provisional patent on the technology.

“At Pearl we’re always looking for innovative ways to serve our clients and offer the best recovery experience possible. The findings of this study could provide a roadmap to help us accomplish that,” added Koretz.

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