Parker & Sons Announces Record Demand For Air Scrubber System Installation In Residential Homes

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Parker & Sons, Inc. a trusted and respected name in a wide range of home services throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area announces record demand for air scrubber system installation in residential homes. The company has a long and distinguished history in the region and has provided expert heating, cooling and plumbing services since the mid-1970s. Helping homeowners and businesses for more than four decades, the company is recognized nationally as one of the most dependable and reliable heating and cooling contractors. Parker & Sons, Inc. also specializes in plumbing and air quality related services. The company enjoys an outstanding record with the Better Business Bureau and has been recognized on multiple occasions by both local and national awards and certifications.

The company is happy to report that there has been a steady and continued demand for air scrubber system installation throughout the region. An air scrubber is an important piece of equipment that can greatly improve the overall quality of life for homeowners and businesses. Similar to a UV light system, and air scrubber kills germs using germicidal light waves that are designed to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout any interior space where the equipment is installed. An air scrubber is able to remove everything from allergens to dust and microorganisms as well as odors. Parker & Sons, Inc. is considered an expert in the industry and has installed many air scrubbers over the years. Health professionals are even recommending this type of equipment for homeowners that have a wide variety of health conditions and symptoms.

Everything from immune system weakness to dizziness and headaches along with skin rashes and nose and throat irritation can readily be addressed by improving indoor air quality. Many studies have shown that indoor air can in many situations be more polluted than outdoor air. Other common symptoms that are often associated with poor indoor air quality include allergies, sinus problems, chest tightness, coughing, respiratory irritation and respiratory infections as well as asthma and allergies. Air scrubber technology eliminates many of the irritants and allergens that are present in indoor air today. Parker & Sons, Inc. provides quality installation services conducted by experienced and trained technicians.

The company is known for its dedication to quality customer service and genuine old-fashioned reliability. An air scrubber type system is unique in many ways including the fact that the system will clean a house 24 hours a day without interruption. The end result is a cleaner and healthier home that is safer for those living in a home where this type of equipment is installed. Parker & Sons, Inc. has proven over the years to provide reliable and trusted service in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area when it comes to heating, cooling, plumbing and a wide variety of other essential home services. This recent announcement with regard to record demand for air scrubber system installation in residential homes is further indication that Parker & Sons, Inc. is a company that has earned its reputation one customer at a time.

Parker & Sons, Inc. is an innovative and forward-looking Air Conditioning Repair & Plumbing Service in Phoenix Arizona. Having served the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area since 1974, Parker & Sons, Inc. has earned its reputation one customer at a time. Delivering quality for both residential and commercial customers, the company enjoys a long record of national recognition and has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. Parker & Sons, Inc. is known for its impressive attention to detail and old-fashioned quality work. The company has been voted #1 in “Ranking Arizona” for the last five years and maintains a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Parker & Sons works on heating systems, cooling systems, ducting, air filtration and offers a variety of plumbing related services. Parker & Sons, Inc. is an established name in reliable service calls throughout Phoenix Arizona.

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