Parker & Sons Reports a Record Number of Allergy Sufferers Requesting that Air Scrubber Systems be Installed in Their Residential Homes

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

Parker & Sons, Inc. a trusted and reliable provider of a full range of contractor related home services reports a growing number of allergy sufferers requesting that air scrubber systems be installed in their residential homes. With more people than ever before suffering from a wide range of symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality, there has been a steady increase in demand for innovative high-tech devices known as air scrubbers. These devices are unlike a UV light system and far more unique in a number of ways. For example, an air scrubber makes use of something known as innovative germicidal light waves. These technologically advanced waves create what are in essence environmental-scrubbing type molecules.

These microscopic cleaning molecules are distributed throughout a home via the HVAC system intended to disinfect and clean virtually every surface within a living space. In fact, many studies have indicated that approximately 99% of all surfaces are eradicated of microorganisms, odors, allergies and dust. This is an important technology for those that suffer from a wide range of health related symptoms that are associated with poor indoor air quality. From skin rashes to allergies and sinus problems as well as nose, eye and throat irritation, air scrubbers are highly effective at improving indoor air quality and the standard of living of those that require improved indoor air quality in general.

Other common symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality include immune system disorders as well as vomiting and nausea along with coughs and a tight chest. Many physicians are discovering the value in having an air scrubber system installed as a way to reduce these common symptoms. Studies have shown that indoor air quality can often be far worse than the polluted air found outdoors. This is an important consideration for those with a wide range of allergies and chronic symptoms such as described. Respiratory infections and respiratory irritations can be mitigated, reduced and even completely eliminated by improving indoor air quality.

Parker & Sons has been serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area for well over four decades and is an expert in air scrubber installation related services in both residential and commercial applications. The company has earned the respect and trust of the community and its peers by delivering outstanding customer service decade after decade. The company has earned an impressive rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received a number of national and local accolades, awards and certifications. This recent announcement with regard to a growing number of allergy sufferers requesting that air scrubber systems be installed in their residential homes is one more key indicator that Parker & Sons is a company with a proven reputation.

Parker & Sons, Inc. is an innovative and forward-looking Air Conditioning Repair & Plumbing Service in Phoenix Arizona. Having served the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area since 1974, Parker & Sons, Inc. has earned its reputation one customer at a time. Delivering quality for both residential and commercial customers, the company enjoys a long record of national recognition and has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. Parker & Sons, Inc. is known for its impressive attention to detail and old-fashioned quality work. The company has been voted #1 in “Ranking Arizona” for the last five years and maintains a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Parker & Sons works on heating systems, cooling systems, ducting, air filtration and offers a variety of plumbing related services. Parker & Sons, Inc. is an established name in reliable service calls throughout Phoenix Arizona.

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