Prayers for Sam, an Animal Rights Group that Educates about Dog Meat in Korea, Launches Fundraiser

Seoul, South Korea (PRWEB) February 21, 2015

The founders of Prayers for Sam, a volunteer animal rights group based in Seoul, South Korea, have just launched a fundraiser that will help to treat a very special mixed breed Jindo dog who was saved from the dog meat Korea restaurant industry.

As a spokesperson for Prayers for Sam noted, the dog was rescued from a dog soup restaurant in Seoul. The animal rights group that founded Prayers for Sam is now looking for funding to aid in the dog’s recovery, as well as produce a short film based around the dog meat industry—a practice that is generally well-hidden to foreigners.

The mixed breed dog was named Sam, which is the Korean word for “three.” The name suits the beautiful dog because of his ability to balance on just three legs. Unfortunately, the spokesperson for Prayers for Sam explained, Sam—who was found tied up outside of a dog soup restaurant by a small group of English teachers working in South Korea—needs surgery on his badly damaged left front leg, which is broken and has developed an infection.

“Our goal is to raise enough money to fix Sam’s leg and, with the help of a few local volunteers, put together a formal documentary on how pets are stolen and brought to market,” the spokesperson said, adding that thanks to the upcoming Winter Pyeongchang Olympics 2018, the timing for the fundraiser and the video are ideal. “Unlike other countries like China and Vietnam who publicly acknowledge dog meat, many Korean officials despite overwhelming evidence deny the existence of the dog meat trade in Korea. A well done documentary will be irrefutable evidence and Korean officials will no longer be able to sweep the shameful abuse of these animals under the rug any longer.”

Although the founders of Prayers for Sam understand that money is tight for everyone right now, they hope that people will find it in their hearts and wallets to reach out to help a precious dog and allow him to heal both physically and emotionally. Anybody who would like to learn more about Prayers for Sam is welcome to visit the group’s website; there, they may make a donation as well as learn more about the troubling dog meat industry.

About Prayers for Sam:

Prayers for Sam is a volunteer animal rights group based in Seoul, South Korea. Prayers for Sam is documenting the lax enforcement animal protection laws and well as finding medical attention and homes for abused animals. For more information, please visit

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