The #SeedsofHope campaign is growing

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Gardening is about hope and optimism. It’s about knowing that after winter’s cold, spring will arrive and flowers will bloom again. To celebrate the season, the Alzheimer Society of Ontario is inviting all Ontarians to order free Forget Me Not flower seeds and plant them on Saturday, May 16 as part of its second annual #SeedsofHope campaign.

The Forget Me Not is the official flower of the Alzheimer Society, a gentle reminder to never forget those who have been lost to the disease and remember for those who cannot. Starting today, the Alzheimer Society of Ontario will send free Forget Me Not flower seeds to anyone who requests them at It’s an act of belief in a better tomorrow and an inspiration for others of a future without dementia.

Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union, is the 2015 #SeedsofHope presenting sponsor. Showing their commitment to a brighter future for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, each Meridian branch will host sign-up forms to help ensure more Ontarians than ever will plant #SeedsofHope on May 16.

“Meridian is proud to partner with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario to sponsor its 2015 #SeedsofHope campaign,” said Wade Stayzer, Vice President, Retail and Investment Services at Meridian. “This campaign serves as a tribute to the families who struggle with this disease everyday while helping to generate awareness of Alzheimer’s and other dementias in Ontario.”

Did you know?

    Dementia is an umbrella term for a variety of brain disorders. It is not a normal part of aging and no one is immune.
    Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 2/3 of all dementia in Canada.
    Dementia affects more than 210,000 Ontarians over 65, or one in ten seniors.
    In 2015, 8,000 more Ontarians will experience the onset of dementia. And because the impact of this disease ripples out to the family and friends who provide care, 8,000 more families will be living with dementia too.
    Research shows that physical activity helps promote the health of the brain and the body. When blood circulates to the brain, it nourishes cells with nutrients and oxygen, and it encourages the development of new cells and new connections. Gardening that includes digging, shovelling and pushing the lawn mower can be a great aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.
    If planted this spring, Forget Me Nots will bloom the following spring and into early summer, and will look lovely among spring bulbs such as tulips.
    Each flower is only about ¼ inch across, but a lot will grow!
    Whether you let them sprout and grow where they want, or move them to produce a specific effect, Forget Me Nots are always very accommodating.


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