Two New Live Escape Rooms Opening in Portland Oregon April 16th

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Portland Escape Rooms announced today the opening of the Kidnapped! and American Revolution Live Escape Rooms. Escape rooms are new form of entertainment where participants are locked in a themed room and have 60 minutes to discover clues, solve puzzles and find the key to escape. Portland Escape Rooms will open with two themed rooms: Kidnapped! (2-6 people) and American Revolution (6-12 people).

Although the first official Live Escape Room was developed in Silicon Valley in 2006, the phenomenon really first gained traction in Eastern Europe and Asia. Only in the last two years have we seen a rapid rise in Escape Room popularity here in the United States. Early last year there were no Live Escape Rooms in Portland, but by the end of April 2015 there will be at least 4 rooms in the area and several more are planned for later in the year.

“Only 9 months ago, if you wanted to experience a Live Escape Room you would have to travel to Seattle or San Francisco. The degree of stimulation, teamwork and excitement that these rooms offer was plenty of reason to travel and enjoy them, but a room in Portland has been long overdue,” said Portland Escape Rooms co-owner Nick Lindert.

“For our own rooms we wanted to elevate that sense of excitement and wonder by providing an immersive environment and puzzles strongly suited to theme and I think we have delivered,” said co-owner Steven Diaz.

Both Lindert and Diaz agree that the rooms are entertaining for a broad spectrum of participants. “Early on we saw the value in providing a variety of puzzles to suit the many talents and desires of our guests. The Kidnapped! Room for example is perfect for a couple on a date night wanting to enjoy a more shared physical experience whereas the American Revolution Room is for the more devoted puzzler,” said Diaz.

Lindert added, “No matter which room our guests choose, the feeling of joy and elation of unlocking that door in under 60 minutes is addictive. I am sure that once they have completed that first room, they will be back for more!”

Escape room events can be booked online at by appointment only. Portland Escape Rooms is located near the intersection of Highways 217 and 26 – a short drive or MAX ride from downtown and convenient to Nike and Intel campuses.

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