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London, UK (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

The use of peptides for treating a number of disease indications have been proved by researchers and some of them are currently available in the market.

Peptide based therapeutics are frequently used in drug development programmes to offer greater pharmacological effects and help alleviate the medical symptoms and condition of patients. Due to efficacy and high safety properties they are universally accepted amid physicians and patients for treating different ailments. In clinical practice settings, they are used to treat diabetes, various cancers, contagious diseases, cardiovascular and a slew of other disease indications. They could be effortlessly modified over against other drug categories, making them highly cost effective for sponsors. Modifications are usually done by means of chemical methods which involve adding or removing chemical groups entailing changes in their nature. Some modifications have been identified by researchers which could enhance the efficacy and safety profiles alongside increased potency. Specific group types have more solubility by contrast with others, which improves their bioavailability.

Peptide therapeutics have a very diverse market with multiple categories that could be further divided into a number of subcategories. They have high market penetration levels worldwide and generate great revenues. Burgeoning pressure on pharmaceutical companies to come forward with highly effective therapeutic agents as well as cost demanding arbitrage are some of the key drivers of the global peptide therapeutics market.

New research report “Global Peptide Therapeutics Pipeline Insight 2015” elaborated by PNS Pharma is available at

Report Details:

Title: Global Peptide Therapeutics Pipeline Insight 2015

Published: February, 2015

Pages: 1200

Price: US$ 2,400.00

The report is a comprehensive guide to the peptide therapeutics market on a global level, as well as gives a detailed analysis of the peptide therapeutics pipeline, by peptide type. The research study provides a comprehensive overview of the peptide therapeutics pipeline, by company, disease indication and phase; covers 743 peptides in clinical studies, 293 peptide therapeutics in pre-clinical phase, and 126 peptides that are commercially available. The research publication provides an exhaustive examination of the competitive landscape, giving details about the top 10 global companies engaged in the industry. The report also contains an all-round analysis of the market growth drivers and commercialisaiton challenges, besides describing the potential future of the global peptide therapeutics market in the years to come.

Product segments discussed include: Cyclic-Peptide, Glycopeptide, Polypeptide, Depsipeptide, Natriuretic Peptide, Neuropeptide, Dipeptides, Glycopeptide, Lipopeptide, Peptide Vaccine, Opioid Peptide, Antimicrobial Cationic Peptide, Oligopeptide and Insulin.

Companies covered are: Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Ipsen, Sanofi, Corden Pharma (Peptisyntha), Lonza, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Roche and PeptiDream.

Report Scope:

    Comprehensive analysis of the world peptide therapeutics market space.
    Detailed overview of the clinical pipeline based on the type of peptide.
    Deep assessment of the peptide therapeutics clinical pipeline by phase, company and indication.
    Detailed look at the marketed peptides and those in pre-clinical phase.
    Insights into the major challenges and drivers of the market growth.
    Extensive analysis of the competitive landscape including profiles of the dominant market players.
     Description of the future prospects of the global peptide therapeutics market.

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